Spectrum Utilities has offices in New Jersey, Ohio, and Arizona. We serve clients and properties across the nation, situated along the entire east coast, midwest, south, southwest and pacific northwest. We empower our clients to achieve "utility cost recovery" while minimizing operating costs and optimizing quality. We accomplish this through submeter system design, installation, maintenance, meter reading, and bill printing and mailing. We also provide optional payment services (cash, paper check, ACH, and credit card payments by in-person, mail, phone, and Internet channels). We achieve value for our clients through recovering their utility costs (for water & sewer, gas and electric), eliminating operating costs (for meter reading, billing, and processing), and minimizing utility consumption rates. Our services are quite "green," with the submetering of properties resulting in a reduction of utility usage by 15-30%. Best of all, our services make our clients' properties more valuable!

Our target markets include commercial and multi-family residential properties. Our services are ideal for apartments, condominiums, manufactured housing communities, student housing, military housing, shopping centers, and office complexes. In addition to metering and billing services, we bring particular expertise in the realm of utility laws and regulations. Our executive management includes multiple attorneys who help guide our clients through an often-convoluted patchwork of compliance requirements that vary by state and even by county and city locale.

We bring creative financing solutions to the table to assist clients to make the strategic move to submetering. We install the latest technology, including remote meter reading, low/no maintenance equipment, all with exceptionally long expected life in the field. We pride ourselves on being a part of our client's team, putting their interests first, and making them happy to have formed a partnership with Spectrum Utilities.