Billing can be complicated and burdensome. We make it simple and easy.

We strive to make our billing services and options convenient for clients and their residents. We effectively manage the meter readings, bill printing & mailing, and we can enable your residents to pay online, by phone, or in-person and establish a recurring payment relationship using any payment method. Property owners and residents have web access to their account information, history, and other relevant data. Our business management platform has been improved over decades to generate a broad array of highly reliable billing formats that we can customize and automate for you and your residents. We can use your brand or ours. Our bills are based on the specifically applicable utility rates to assure compliance and proactively avoid challenge by residents and regulatory agencies. We monitor usage rates and billings on a per-submeter basis to identify excessive usage, including leaks, over-consumption, or other maintenance and repair requirements.

If you need a community-wide or targeted communication for any reason, we can mail letters in a matter of minutes or generate email campaigns on your behalf (with sophisticated recipient tracking). Our services include phone and email client and resident support that are designed to keep you and your residents happy.

In addition to utilities, we can effectively bill almost any fee or charge applicable to a residential or commercial property, including:
  • Late charges
  • Rent
  • Association Fees
  • Pet Fees
  • Parking
  • Garage Rental
  • Trash Service
  • Lawn Service
  • Snow Removal
  • Other Custom Fees