Our clients have master meters for some or all utilities, including water/sewer, gas, and electricity. We install or use existing submeters to get readings that enable us to bill tenants or residents at our client's properties. The primary objective is to empower our clients to achieve full utility cost recovery while eliminating operating costs for meter reading, billing, resident support, etc. The submeters can be inside or outside and accommodate a broad range of use. We help our clients install current technology so that meters may be read remotely, require little or no maintenance, and can perform effectively for over twenty years. Unlike other providers, we provide extended warranty coverage on all equipment we install. We assist our clients to submeter and bill in a variety of scenarios ranging from submeters that capture all utility usage, to situations where we utilize submetered usage in combination with consumption estimates based on the most relevant factors (e.g., square footage, occupancy, business type, number of utility fixtures, common area use, etc.). We can also support billing formulas based on these types of estimates alone, including RUBS, or Ratio Utility Billing Service.

We bring a consultative approach to submetering and billing relationships, designing and recommending the best solutions while assuring legal and regulatory compliance. We work with new construction, equipment upgrades, and provide effective maintenance and repair. Our services include monitoring usage to identify excessive use, leaks, and faulty equipment. Importantly, our pricing is as good or better than any other provider in the market.